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Smart grids: the GDF SUEZ "City and Building of Tomorrow" program

What are the central issues addressed by the GDF SUEZ "City and Building of Tomorrow" program? That was the question put to Stéphane Quéré and Joëlle Gitton at the French Energy Regulation Commission (CRE), the leading forum for discussion of future distribution network developments and smart grids.

On July 5, Stéphane Quéré, Head of Urban Development at GDF SUEZ, and Joëlle Gitton, Coordinator of the "City and Building of Tomorrow" corporate program in the GDF SUEZ Research and Innovation Department, were interviewed about the Group’s attitude and thoughts on smart technologies. As a partner of local authorities, the GDF SUEZ Group designs and experiments with new solutions to meet the challenges of today and respond effectively to those of tomorrow with solutions such as smart meters, energy management systems and decentralized energy generation and storage systems.
The GDF SUEZ Research and Innovation Department is involved in many pilot projects, including combined solar/gas solutions, heat recovery from gray and black water, and hybrid boilers that combine an electric heat pump with a gas-fired condensing boiler.

Nearly 1,000 natural gas powered fuel cell eco-generators will be installed in Europe between now and 2016 to evaluate their in-situ performance: this is just one of the European projects contributed to by the GDF SUEZ Research and Innovation Department. You can find out more about what our experts have to say in this article published on the website.


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