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Find out more about smart grids, the connected power networks that enable a smarter energy management

Smart grids are intelligent power distribution networks managed automatically in real time to deliver more effective energy management in terms of both consumption and generation. As powerful management tools, smart grids make it possible to generate and consume electricity in much smarter ways, and therefore make a valuable contribution to the energy transition.

Smart grids and energy efficiency

The goal of energy efficiency is to control energy more accurately so that we consume less and better. For ENGIE, it's about adapting to the fast change of pace in power usage and needs. To respond to these new constraints, distribution grids must become smarter. And that's possible thanks to information and communication technology developments that allow grid status to be monitored in real time to optimize its operation and take any action required to avoid outages, for example.

Matching energy supply to demand in real time

In practice, smart networks are based on a number of systems. The first smart grid building block is the smart meter installed in the consumer's home. Smart metering allows consumers to monitor their energy consumption on a daily basis and, for example, to identify areas where power is being wasted or those that are most expensive in order to take appropriate action. They allow consumers to play an active role in their consumption of energy.

On the scale of an entire city, smart grids make it possible to match power generation and demand to the actual needs of residents. Cities can do this by using the Smart City Dashboard; an interactive set of indicators that gather and analyze all the available urban data to suggest how it can best be used to help the city manage its energy supply and demand. Smart grids also offer an energy storage solution capable of delivering security of supply and guarantee that power is available to everyone even at peak consumption times.



The energy efficiency is a priority for all, to consume less and better. While innovating ENGIE wishes to assure a service always more successful. And this innovation crosses by the "smart grids", by putting intelligence in networks. The GreenLys project is so the first French demonstrator to experiment the intelligent solutions of energy management, involving the different players of electricity market from producer to consumer, in Lyon and in Grenoble.

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