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ENGIE is calling on startups to boost its data hub with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

On the occasion of VivaTechnology, ENGIE and AWS are calling on the startup ecosystem to develop a solution to collect and analyse public data on companies.

As part of its strategy to enable the zero-carbon transition by businesses and provide them with advice and support in their search for energy efficiency and energy source decarbonisation solutions, ENGIE has established a data hub on AWS. This hub gathers financial, commercial and technical data on its business customers that is either available internally or is supplied by the customers themselves.

ENGIE is now seeking a solution to supplement this hub with public data available on websites and social websites. This will enrich its databank and improve its all-round view of its customers, thereby enabling the Group to provide them with tailor-made solutions. These solutions will cover: the optimisation of energy consumption, the installation of green energy production resources, the development of energy storage, the management of buildings’ energy performance etc.

The databank will be focused on major corporations and international groups and it will cover the entire organisational and legal structure of these companies (subsidiaries etc.) in every geographic zone around the world.

The winner(s) of this call for projects will receive:

  • support from ENGIE experts to develop a pilot. Ultimately, the solution will be integrated into the Group’s data platform
  • support for the winning project/s from AWS for a period of two years via its programme AWS Activate, which includes AWS credits
  • support from technical experts and access to training to help them succeed and accelerate their business using the Cloud.

Startups have until 31 July 2019 to submit their applications online at

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