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By ENGIE - 17 July 2023 - 18:10


No podium place for Luka Mkheidze in the World Judo Championships in May

Following an injury a few months ago, Luka came back fighting at the start of the year, notching up the wins. He had his sights set on a podium place for the under-60 kg category in the World Championships in Doha earlier this month. But there was to be no medal this time. Instead, a "surprise" defeat in the quarter-final during the Golden score overtime. But this won't jeopardise his chances of qualifying for upcoming deadlines.

“I'm very disappointed not to be going home with a medal.My preparations went well and my heart was in it. But that wasn't enough.There's only one thing left for it: keep working so I can come back stronger.”

Elodie Clouvel (Modern Pentathlon) is still determined to qualify for Paris next year.

Elodie just wasn't feeling it on the day during the fourth stage of the World Cup in Sofia at the start of June


“There are just days like that.Time to recharge my batteries and come back stronger down the line. Yesterday, I just couldn't get over the physical and mental fatigue, and my body and head just gave up… Couldn't concentrate, didn't have any energy left, slid to the bottom of the rankings. I can accept the lows – that's just part of top-level sport and life, basically.I need to rest so I can get back my energy and the desire to come back fighting in future competitions”. 


At the end of June, Elodie finished 11th in the World Cup in Ankara, hampered by a muscle injury which prevented her from giving it her all. The Team ENGIE athlete just missed out on qualifying. But there will be other opportunities, and Elodie is still an example when it comes to determination!

Elodie Clouvel
Instagram elodieclouvel


Elodie Clouvel
Instagram elodieclouvel



Pierre Le Coq in the Top 20 in the European iQfoil Championships

Pierre finished in the Top 20 in the European Championships in Greece in May. Conditions were difficult and the Team ENGIE athlete did not quite get the result he wanted, but Pierre is still positive!

"Top 20 in the European Championships. The wind was very strong, and there were a few sets when it was 25 to 30 kn. There was a major crash on the first day and speed a little lower at times so that we got to play higher up… 19 sets with density and a level of adrenaline that I had rarely experienced. The result was not what I was hoping for, but it was a huge kick!"


Intense and difficult period for surfer Pauline Ado

In mid-May, Pauline won the first series (Gold Coast) of the 2023 Challenger Series circuit, scoring a total of 10.23 points just ahead of Australian Sierra Kerr (8.83), which qualifies her for the World Championships in Salvador at the start of June. But unfortunately, Pauline was eliminated from the events at Snapper Rocks and Narrabeen, finishing in 16th place in the final. 

“Things were difficult in Australia and I didn't get the results I was hoping for…
But overall, it was a good few weeks of training and competition. I try and improve a little every day”.


A subpar performance in early June at the World Championships in Salvador, preventing her from qualifying. But other opportunities to qualify lie ahead for Pauline!

“It really is difficult to put into words something that hurts so much…”
This week, I missed out on a place in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.
I've been going over the day again and again in my head. Every time I think about it, my throat tightens and tears well up…
I gave it everything I had on the day, but that was not enough.
I would like to congratulate @vahinefierro for how far she has come and for qualifying. The rivalry that we have had in the French team over the last few years has continued to drive me, pushing me towards the top! Huge congratulations as well to @kaulivaast who has just booked his place in the Olympics with this competition.
For me, the dream has not yet been shattered. There is still an extra place that I can go and secure year.
Once I've got over all the emotion, I will focus all my energy on that aim.
The challenge will be even greater… But whoever said it would be easy??
I would like to thank my team and everybody who has supported me throughout the good times and the bad times❤️
I would like to thank the whole French team for this week 🙏”


A complete set of wins for Axel Mazella

Axel has won the 2023 Kite Challenge and the Wing Challenge! 

“A double which will go down in the history of the Gruissan Challenge. A full set of victories on the nine sets in which I competed – that's a total of 260 km of kite racing. My first time taking part in a wing competition. I took the liberty of winning the event in the presence of a number of dignitaries, all wing racing world champions”.


A few weeks later, Axel won a gold medal in the World Championships in the Netherlands!

In the second stage of the ENGIE Kite Tour in Lorient-Gâvres, Axel once again went for the wingfoil and enjoyed a clean sweep after 11 races (9 selections).


In early July, Axel wins the Test EVENT in Marseille! 

In preparation for next year, the Test Event for the sailing events took place on the water in Marseille.

Congratulations to Axel Mazella, Team ENGIE athlete and France's only male kitefoil representative, for this brilliant victory. It augurs well for his chances of qualifying and shining next summer!

Two podium places for Madeleine Malonga in judo


Madeleine won silver at the Austria Grand Prix in May in the under-78 kg category (judo).


In mid-June, the Team ENGIE athlete won bronze at the Astana Grand Slam.


Fabien Lamirault retains his French Champion Title

Fabien competed in the para table tennis French Championships! The Team ENGIE athlete has been crowned French Champion in the men's singles (class 2) and
French vice champion in the mixed wheelchair doubles!

Axel, Poema and Raphaël all took part in the Bataillon de Joinville with the Armée des Champions

Organised by the Armée des Champions, Axel, Poema and Raphaël all took part in a gathering of the Bataillon de Joinville as sailors, alongside a number of other top-level athletes. A week all about unity and people surpassing their limits. 

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Alex Caizergues will be bearing the Flame to Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône

The Team ENGIE kitesurfer, quadruple world champion and world speed record holder, will bear the Flame in the town where he grew up, in Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône.

“It's extraordinary (...), I want an original way to carry the flame – on water, and propelled by a kitesurf wing (…), it's a way of taking my sport all over the world and inspiring other athletes to do the same thing”, Alex Caizergues talking to France Bleu Provence. 

Future major Team ENGIE fixtures:

  • 3 to 6 August: World Para Track Cycling Championship with Raphaël Beaugillet.
  • 10 to 20 August: World IQFoil Championship with Pierre Le Coq.
  • 21 to 28 August: World Pentathlon Championship with Elodie Clouvel.
  • 8 to 16 October: World Kitefoiling Championship with Axel Mazella & Poema Newland.
  • 3 to 5 November: European Judo Championship with Luka Mkheidze & Madeleine Malonga.



ENGIE is supporting ten high-level athletes this year as part of the French Sports Foundation’s “Performance Pact”. The goal for the ten Team ENGIE athletes is naturally to qualify to compete at the 2024 Paris Olympics.



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