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ENGIE’s vision of the future at Viva Technology

The world of energy is changing and it is radically transforming the energy industry. On the occasion of the ENGIE Innovation Week and the Viva Technology exhibition, the Group is bringing together experts and startups to discuss such key topics as mobility, the smart city and energy transition. The Group is picking up the pace of the movement to develop innovation, digital technology and collaboration for a #FuturePoweredByEngie

With ENGIE, the future of energy is already in action! Every day, the Group is innovating, differentiating itself as it seeks to achieve its ambition pioneering the energy revolution. At the Viva Technology exhibition, employees, startuppers and innovators are joining forces to invent the world of tomorrow.

Find ENGIE at @VivaTech and follow us on #FuturePoweredByEngie

Pioneering the Future

On the occasion of the Viva Technology show in Paris, Isabelle Kocher and Bertrand Piccard, Founder of the Solar Impulse Foundation, gave a conference and signed a 3-year partnership concerning participation in the development of solutions for a sustainable world. As a pioneer, the Group is now preparing the technologies of the future, which we would like to be more sustainable and efficient.

“We are progressing from unattainable dreams to a dream which is coming true. We must make known what already exists and speed up the development of what is to come.”, Isabelle Kocher.

“ENGIE perfectly complements what we are doing. It gives me pleasure that we are working together.”, Bertrand Piccard.

An "Energy Revolution Lab" space showcasing startups engaged in the energy and digital revolution

ENGIE will welcome visitors at the Viva Technology exhibition to its “energy revolution lab”, a space that brings together the Group’s experts and more than 40 startups for an immersion in the future of energy. The aim is to provide innovative solutions for cities, buildings, mobility, renewable energies, etc. This space enables ENGIE to show an original vision of the world of energy of tomorrow, involving the best of innovation and emerging uses.

ENGIE believes that renewable energies are shaping our future. On a daily basis, the Group is working to meet the challenge of tackling climate change. In particular, ENGIE is counting on the development of solar energy and the production of hydrogen on an international scale to ensure a better future for our planet. 2,000 photovoltaic panels are produced every day, guaranteeing domestic self-consumption for people whose homes are equipped with them. Hydrogen is also coming into more widespread use as a new process that makes it possible to store energy and to propel electric vehicles. Symbio FCell, a pioneer in fuel cells and inventor of the first range extender for hybrid vehicles (electricity/hydrogen), will be taking part at VivaTech.  

A unique immersion in the world of tomorrow

On Saturday, June 17, members of the public are invited to experience for themselves some of the solutions developed by ENGIE to promote the smart city, mobility and renewable energies. Young and old alike will discover Darwin Board, the national energy management tool for the real-time collection, analysis and interpretation of data transmitted by energy sensors installed in connected structures. They will take part in drone-coding workshops and will see how a solar car operates. They will meet both Pepper, a robot dedicated to helping consumers used by the electrical goods retailer, Darty, and Diya One, a robot that provides futuristic services for buildings and for the well-being of their occupants. They will also be able to observe a model of the Gaya project, an R&D platform for producing biomethane from the regasification of dry biomass. There is a vast program of innovations and inspirational projects just waiting to be discovered.

Come along and see for yourselves!

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