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Voile GC32: Round 3 in Palma!

The third stage of the GC32 Racing Tour took place from Wednesday 2 to Saturday 5 August in the Balearic Islands. For its 36th year, the prestigious Copa del Rey will take place in the waters of Palma de Mallorca bay. Another chance for Sébastien Rogues and Team ENGIE to battle for a place on the podium!

Palma de Mallorca hosted the Copa del Rey, one of the biggest catamaran regatta in the whole Mediterranean.

  • © Bruno Bouvry - Jesus Renedo

After stage 2 of the GC32 Racing Tour in Sardinia between June 28 and July 1, the competing crews gathered in the Bay of Palma, Majorca, for the next stage of the series between August 2 and 5. Sébastien Rogues and his Team ENGIE crew finished seventh overall. Team ENGIE began the competition very well, and led the field at the end of the first day of racing. But the intensely competitive level of these events, which pit the world’s best sailors against each other, is unforgiving of even the slightest error.

“Our record so far is mixed, and if I’m honest, we hoped to do better here. We blew our joker here in Palma, so from now on, we have to get everything 100% right. We’ve very often started races well, but the following days get more complicated, and our days and results suffer. The conditions off Palma are unforgiving, fairly complex and don’t allow you to get back in the game if you get off to a bad start [...],” explained Sébastien Rogues.

The focus now for Team ENGIE is to work on their consistency. Despite this disappointing performance, the Team is not downhearted and every member knows that they have to hang tough to impose their will on the elite of the sailing world. So Sébastien Rogues and his crew still look forward to their first major victory on this year’s racing tour.

«SAP is now a Team ENGIE partner. This new partnership will come with a major technological contribution, as we equip the boat with a range of sensors installed in strategic locations to collect a variety of data. This technology will also help us on future ventures », the ENGIE skipper confirmed.

A new partner for Team ENGIE

For this third stage of the GC32 Racing Tour, the Sébastien Rogues foiling catamaran for the name of a new partner: SAP. Team ENGIE will therefore have the full benefit of SAP technology onboard for the end of the 2017 season.

Stages coming up :

  • GC32 Orezza Corsica Cup – Calvi - Corsica (France): Wednesday 13 to Saturday 16 September
  • Marseille One Design – Marseille (France) : Thursday 12 to Sunday 15 October
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