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ZOEnergy: a sustainable city in the heart of Amsterdam

On February 8, 2017, the ZOEnergy sustainable city project was officially launched in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. The project consists of creating a consortium of private- and public-sector players who will work together to enable the city to develop its renewable energy resources in an integrated way.

The ZOEnergy project was created as a result of an exclusive partnership between ENGIE and a number of public- and private sector players: Arcadis, Alliander, DNV GL, TNO and the municipality of Amsterdam. Its aim is to enable the southeast (Zuidoost) district of the city to be more self-sufficient and cleaner in their use of energy.

The story begins with the launch of the “Zero Emission Cities” project in 2015. Amsterdam clearly stated its desire to enhance the attractiveness of the Zuidoost district and make it a model for carbon neutrality. The target was ambitious, because this district contains the city’s principal stadium (the Amsterdam Arena), a major hospital, a strategic road network and approximately 90,000 homes. Faced with these substantial energy needs, a fully tailored solution was required.

ZOEnergy for reliable and self-sufficient energy

Seeking to meet Amsterdam’s needs, the ZOEnergy project is based on a global vision of the energy self-sufficiency of cities. By summer 2017, inhabitants of the Zuidoost neighborhood will have the advantage of energy that is local and perfectly reliable. The city’s target for 2020 is to have up to 80,000 homes exclusively powered by solar energy.

Local stakeholders like the Amsterdam Arena have the ambition to enable the stadium to cope with peaks in consumption more effectively. ZOEnergy is positioned to strengthen, accelerate and scale local initiatives using micro-networks and microgrids, new digital solutions and innovative energy storage facilities. Eventually, the ZOEnergy project will also offer smarter and less energy-intensive waste and wastewater management.

This ambitious energy transition project will continue to gain momentum. ZOEnergy is working with local business owners to realize new projects and is working with local, national and European authorities for supporting loans and subsidies.

ENGIE prepares for the sustainable city

The ZOEnergy project forms part of a medium-term vision in which cities generate their own energy. “Sustainable cities” will be capable of distributing locally produced, decentralized and decarbonized energy to their inhabitants.

ENGIE is strongly committed to this process. The Group’s key areas of expertise include renewable energies and decentralized production, heating and cooling networks, green mobility and smart digital solutions.

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