Inventing the energy of tomorrow

By ENGIE - 09 September 2020 - 17:00

Energy is at the heart of the economy, technology, health, creativity and entertainment. Pollution and greenhouse gas emissions around the world are having an increasingly negative impact on the climate and the environment that we cannot ignore. In the light of this public consciousness, we need to rethink our production and consumption patterns.


At ENGIE, we are convinced that energy companies should be at the forefront of this transformation. This is the greatest challenge we have ever faced. It is both our duty and an unprecedented opportunity to reinvent our energy model.


Through research and innovation, ENGIE is committed to inventing tomorrow's energy.


ENGIE: an international ecosystem working for innovation


ENGIE: an international ecosystem working for innovation

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The ENGIE approach to innovation: research, entrepreneurship and collaboration 

The Group’s vision for meeting the challenges of the coming years consists in discovering, inventing, co-creating and eliminating risks inherent in technologies, thereby giving the Group a long-term competitive edge.


Research and innovation play a major role in ENGIE’s strategy of propelling the Group into the world of tomorrow, which involves driving the emergence of innovative technical and business models through research, entrepreneurship and collaboration:


  • with 23 thematic labs, ENGIE Research identifies, develops and trials new technologies, and perfects tools and products that enable the Group to achieve its strategic objectives
  • the ENGIE New Ventures investment fund invests in promising start-ups around the world, giving ENGIE access to state-of-the-art solutions: ENGIE New Ventures has already invested in 26 companies worldwide through this €180 million fund
  • our “Factories” in Paris, Singapore and Santiago develop new concepts around the world and grow hand-picked companies over a period of three to five years, transforming them into high-performance assets for ENGIE
  • our platforms group together more than 26,000 employees and 5,000 start-ups to create a dynamic community of Imaginative Builders, who exchange ideas and aspire to the common goal of creating innovative solutions to drive the energy transition.


We are leading the way in the transition to a carbon-neutral world.


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