Securities Holding

Investment securities in France can be held in two different forms: “registered” and “bearer.”

Registered Securities


  • Indirectly registered : the shares are recorded in the books of the issuing company (Société Générale for ENGIE shares) but are kept at the shareholder’s financial intermediary, which manages them.
  • Directly registered : shareholders have acquired shares directly from Société Générale, the issuing company that ENGIE has appointed to manage them. These shares are registered directly and only in the books of Société Générale, which enables personalized service and specific benefits, such as:

                      > exemption from custodial charges and management fees,

                      > personalized information about management of the shares:

                                   - by telephone at +33 2 51 85 67 89 (toll-free number, billing according to your service contract and the country from which you are calling)
                                   - by fax at +33 2 51 85 53 42,
                                   - by Internet at Sharinbox,

                      > view your account over the Internet after obtaining the necessary access codes,

                      > all necessary information for attending the Shareholders’ Meeting.


To acquire directly registered ENGIE shares, you can download the documents below, completing and return it to contact Société Générale security services:

Purchase order

Securities Account Agreement Registrar Form

Securities Account Agreement

Share Purchase Letter


Brokerage* commissions applied to transactions for holders of pure registered are:


By Internet :

  • 0.2% of the gross amount of the transaction


The minimum amount is 9 euros per transaction


By fax or by mail :

  • 0.3% of the gross amount of the transaction


The minimum amount is 12 euros per transaction


*All Taxes Included Commissions , at current rates 01/01/2014. We draw your attention to the fact that brokerage fees are generally displayed before tax by the establishments holding accounts.


Postal Address

Société Générale
32 rue Champ-de-Tir
BP 81236
44312 Nantes cedex 3

Fax: +33 2 51 85 53 42


  • In the event of any difficulty, call our toll-free number


To transfer your directly registered ENGIE shares, just send a written request to your financial intermediary**. The intermediary will take the necessary action with Société Générale.

When this request is received and processed by Société Générale, the Securities department will send you a notice of enrollment and will become your sole contact.


** Your financial intermediary may charge you a fee for this transaction.

Bearer Securities


Bearer securities accounts are kept by a financial intermediary (credit institution or investment firm).