Publication of a special edition of Pour La Science: different energies being used together to deliver carbon neutrality

By ENGIE - 29 May 2020 - 16:50

Science magazine Pour La Science has dedicated a whole edition to the technological and scientific diversity of the various solutions that the Group has developed to bring about a carbon-neutral energy future.


How can we consume less energy? Energy that is greener and easily available? Gas or electricity? Asking these questions means making a choice.


And yet, the fastest, cheapest and most reliable way to achieve carbon neutrality is to use a combination of electricity and low-carbon gas. ENGIE offers a selection of innovative approaches involving a whole suite of options, and the “best” path is a set of solutions made up of a blend of different forms of energy, technologies, etc.


These solutions are located along the whole length of the value chain. At production level, involving biogas, in integrating solar farms into agricultural farms, in storing energy in batteries and hydrogen or at the point of consumption with efficient and optimised heating and cooling systems. 


Via its various research centres, ENGIE is committed to co-developing emerging technologies, using pilots and demonstrations with partners. Environmental and economic considerations, as well as how easily these new technologies are accepted by society, determine how quickly they advance. And it is highly probable that these technologies will continue to exist alongside one another, combining their potential and optimising the way in which they are managed – using digital means in particular.


The energy transition will therefore involve both gas AND electricity, complementing each another.


We invite you to discover this special edition, the result of a new collaboration between Pour la Science and ENGIE and orchestrated by ENGIE Research, with the collaboration of ENGIE Lab CRIGEN, ENGIE Lab Laborelec, the Strategy Department, Storengy, ENGIE Impact, ENGIE Solar, ENGIE Innovation and ENGIE Benelux, and the coordination of the Brand and Communications Department.