Members of Team ENGIE tell us about their social media!

By ENGIE - 12 November 2020 - 10:35

After having told us about their typical training day, the Team ENGIE athletes Pauline Ado (surfing), Cassandre Beaugrand (triathlon), Elodie Clouvel (modern pentathlon) and Madeleine Malonga (judo) tell us about their relationships with social media and how they manage their accounts and generate content.


As public figures, high-level athletes have to learn how to control their image. The members of Team ENGIE are well aware of this and throw themselves into the task wholeheartedly!
Madeleine Malonga's favourite network is Instagram, while Elodie Clouvel explains that she uses social networks because she enjoys the medium. Pauline Ado tells us that she gets a lot of positive feedback and encouragement via her accounts. She emphasises that she wants to post high-quality content, which is something she has in common with Cassandre Beaugrand, a fan of photography.

All four underline that their social media accounts reflect their personality, and that they enjoy managing them and posting content.

Our athletes and social media – video:

Retrouvez-les dès maintenant sur les réseaux sociaux :

Elodie Clouvel :
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Pauline Ado :
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Madeleine Malonga :
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Cassandre Beaugrand :
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Come back next week for another video, in which they will be explaining how they manage... their energy!