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By ENGIE - 28 February 2022 - 10:39

Today's trends

Our world is continuously evolving at an incredible speed and on all fronts. In order to adapt and innovate more effectively, we have to understand the world we live in. This is the aim of Trends Shaker; helping you understand our shifting ecosystem. This monthly newsletter covers social, societal and environmental trends that shape and define our world. It highlights all initiatives that push forward boundaries, inviting you to envision or reflect on the world of the future.

Every month, we explore emerging trends, current innovations, business-related news, HR, youth, society and health, both in France and abroad.


Trends Shaker publishes useful, positive and inspiring content to read and share without holding back! 


Through a presentation of innovations and positive initiatives, ENGIE offers the possibility to draw inspiration, to make the most of these, and to react by inventing solutions and contributing to a successful, resilient and sustainable societal model.


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Trends Shakers goes live!

Did you tune in to the latest episode of the Trends Shaker podcast ?
If you missed these 60 minutes of lively debate, here's a quick look at the topics that were raised. 

How can we explain why so few women work in STEM-based field ? How will this lack of gender diversity impact our society ? How can we reverse this trend to create a fairer and more representative society ?

For this edition of Trends Shaker Live, we have three guests sharing their useful insights with us:

  • Cecile Previeu, ENGIE's Executive Vice President in charge of the Infrastructure GBU
  • Muriel Valin, Deputy editor-in-chief of Epsiloon, a science news magazine 
  • Claudine Schmuck, Founder of the Gender Scan survey

Click here to listen to their discussion!


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