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“A unique business model in the biogas sector”

By ENGIE - 22 April 2020 - 15:23

With the signature of a new partnership agreement, ENGIE and Mirova have inaugurated a business model that is unique in the biogas sector: DBSO (Develop Build Sell & Operate). Mirova has acquired a 50% stake in DANA GAZ, which already owns 9 biomethane production units operated by ENGIE. Rosaline Corinthien, CEO of ENGIE France Renewables, explains the strategic importance for ENGIE of this partnership.


Interview Rosaline Corinthien, Directrice Générale d’ENGIE France Renouvelables

In what ways is the partnership agreement between ENGIE and Mirova strategic and unique? 

It’s a first in the biogas sector: Mirova and ENGIE are duplicating a business model which has proved itself in the wind and solar energy sectors and applying it to this sector. The model is known as DBSO, which stands for Develop, Build, Sell & Operate. In the most competitive markets, it will enable ENGIE to improve the competitiveness and the profitability of its offers by partially selling its renewable assets to financial investors after construction while retaining industrial control of the assets. ENGIE will continue to its front-line industrial involvement at these facilities by continuing to operate and maintain them and manage their human resources. 


What is the benefit for ENGIE?

ENGIE's strategy is to intensify the development of the biogas sector in France. This partnership will enable us to increase the development potential of our portfolio of biomethane projects tenfold and support the Group's ambition to produce 5 TWh by 2030.


Is ENGIE strengthening a long-term partnership with Mirova in renewables?

Yes, Mirova is already our partner in wind and solar energy. It is investing through its Mirova Eurofideme 4 fund dedicated to energy transition in Europe and is acquiring a significant position in biogas in France. Through this partnership, we are demonstrating our conviction that biogas is at the heart of the energy transition of the French regions.