Renowned as one of the world’s foremost energy operators and a world leader in the energy transition, ENGIE has the ambition of being a major player in hydrogen.

  • The first ship in the world able to produce its own hydrogen on board, thanks to the combination of renewable energies

At ENGIE, we firmly believe that hydrogen is the key that will unlock the full potential of renewables and carbon-free energy solutions. It will accelerate the energy transition by allowing numerous green energy technologies to be used with much greater flexibility.

We are committed to developing solutions based on renewable hydrogen, produced by electrolysis using a green energy supply. Hydrogen is the missing link for a decarbonized ecosystem, allowing for the harmonious progress of cities, territories and societies around the globe.

ENGIE aims at operating across the entire value chain of renewable hydrogen, from carbon-free power generation to the three key end uses: mobility, industry and energy storage.

ENGIE will architect and deliver simple, reliable and sustainable green solutions to address its clients requirements for more environmentally responsible energy uses.

Chaine hydrogene

Energy is at the heart of human progress. As a leading energy Compagny, ENGIE is forging a path towards new horizons. Today, ENGIE unites the best expertise with imagination to lead a powerful collective action. We imagine solutions for a more harmonious world together empowering individuals and communities.

Being a pioneer in the energy sector opens extraordinary opportunities: it calls on us to meet — with, and now beyond energy — the major challenges facing individuals, companies and regions, and to stand with them in creating and implementing solutions that come together to build harmonious progress.