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ChangeNOW: ENGIE presents its innovative solutions and accompanies the actors of the energy transition

ENGIE will be presenting its innovative "Energy" and "Sustainable cities" solutions at this year’s ChangeNOW 2020 summit, as well as sharing its expertise with the Solar Impulse Foundation in helping to identify a thousand efficient, clean and profitable solutions.


ChangeNOW, the universal exhibition of solutions for the planet

Every year, ChangeNOW brings together the best positive solutions from all over the globe to help speed up our transition over to a more sustainable world and help develop these solutions on a greater scale, providing them with the best possible showcase and a wide range of opportunities.


For 2020, ChangeNOW is being held in Paris. It will run from 30 January to 1 February at the Grand Palais and will feature a series of conferences, networking opportunities and immersive experiences, as well as an art and film festival. Over the three days of the event, visitors will get to rub shoulders with start-ups, major groups, investors, people from the media, elected representatives, politicians and people in government at conferences, networking events and immersive experiences… as well as enjoying an art and film festival. The last day is open to members of the general public.


Agents of change from all over the world will be presenting their solutions to tackle climate change and protect the planet's biodiversity, as well as dealing with the finiteness of its natural resources and looking at the human and inclusive aspects of the transition.
The 250 speakers in attendance will include Bertrand Piccard, co-founder of the Solar Impulse Foundation, Victorien Erussard, founder and Captain of Energy Observer and Jérôme Delafosse, exhibition leader and documentary film-maker, both ambassadors of the ship ENERGY OBSERVER, of which ENGIE is a partner.

Expected figures:

  • 1000 solutions and innovations
  • 500 investors
  • 120 countries
  • +20,000 attendees made up of entrepreneurs, innovators and investors, start-up companies, major groups, investors, people from the media, elected representatives, politicians and people in government.
  • 13,500 m² for showcasing the solutions
  • 50 mayors representatives of international towns


ENGIE at ChangeNOW
ENGIE will have a presence at two stands, presenting solutions to do with "Energy" and "Sustainable Cities". Four innovative solutions will be exhibited in each of these two areas.
Regarding Energy, ENGIE will be showcasing its Cool island, District heating and cooling, Mobile Battery and Mobisol solutions. And as far as Sustainable Cities are concerned, visitors will get to discover its Livin’, EVBox, Gogoro electric scooter and Flashnet Smart Lighting* solutions.


Two EVPs of ENGIE are also speaking at the show: Shankar Krishnamoorthy, Deputy Managing Director of ENGIE, in charge of Strategy & Innovation, Industrial Development, Research & Technology and Purchasing and responsible for the supervision of the Africa Business Unit, and Olivier Biancarelli, Deputy Managing Director, Managing Director of Tractebel, in charge of the Global Business Line Customer Solutions and the supervision of ENGIE Impact.


ENGIE working alongside the Solar Impulse Foundation
The aim of the Solar Impulse Foundation is to select a thousand profitable solutions for protecting the environment and present them to decision-makers, encouraging them to adopt energy policies and set more ambitious environmental targets.
As one of the Foundation's partners, ENGIE is sharing its expertise, helping it to identify these solutions. So far, 352 solutions have already been recognised, and four of these are solutions developed by ENGIE: PowerCorner, Vertuoz Pilot, District cooling systems and Community Solar.


Challenges to speed up the zero-carbon transition
ChangeNOW is an opportunity for the Solar Impulse Foundation to identify efficient, clean and profitable solutions. It will be organising two challenges at its stand for certifying 150 solutions.


The Solution Challenge
On Thursday 30 January, the Solution Challenge will hold coaching sessions, providing people with personal guidance with the application process for obtaining the Solar Impulse Foundation label. The solutions will need to have an environmental impact compared with an established benchmark.


ENGIE has submitted four applications: BOXX, Mobile Battery, GAYA and PEPS**.


The Expert Challenge

On Friday 31 January, the Expert Challenge will set out to assess as many solutions as possible and create a powerful feeling of community among experts who are central to the Foundation's aim of certifying a thousand clean, efficient and profitable solutions to tackle climate change. Eight ENGIE experts will be involved in this assessment.

The ENGIE solutions being presented




LIVINDesigned to meet the needs of urban infrastructure managers, Livin’ is an urban data management platform for monitoring, managing, viewing and leveraging the data from connected infrastructure to create value. Livin’ is software that does more than simply aggregate data to improve the efficiency of urban environments and help establish a dialogue with people living locally.
EV BOXEV-Box gives electric vehicle drivers all over the world an ultra-secure charging experience tailor-made to meet their needs. It provides drivers worldwide with innovative, global and competitive electric vehicle charging solutions, and a range of associated services.
GOGORO ELECTRIC SCOOTERGogoro has unveiled its electric Smart scooter and its network of “GoStations” – charging infrastructure with swappable batteries. The way it works is very straightforward: instead of recharging two Panasonic batteries, Gogoro electric scooter owners simply swap out their batteries for fully charged ones in under six seconds at one of the “Go” stations.
SMART LIGHTINGFlashnet develops intelligent energy management systems, providing numerous cities with smart public lighting networks. Already compatible with several IoT communication standards, inteliLIGHT®, Flashnet’s flagship solution, is one of the most flexible systems available on the market. The solution has already been deployed in various cities such as Dubai (UAE), Penang (Malaysia), Brasov, Craiova (Romania), Mecca, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Athens (Greece), with pilots and demonstrators virtually all around the globe.




COOL ISLANDCool islands are temporary and reusable areas of freshness, designed for installation in town centres during extreme heat waves. Connected up to the district cooling network, they include canopies providing shade and a cooled base, resulting in the sensation of freshness. They operate automatically, drawing on the cooling network when the air temperature reaches 28°C. The island then provides users with a sensation of freshness, with a local temperature that feels 5°C lower than the ambient temperature.
MOBILE BATTERYModular, flexible and patented battery solution. This battery fits into a container that can be moved around to meet temporary energy needs – for an event, during peak electricity consumption times or at a construction site.
MOBISOLENGIE is expanding its decentralised energy offering in Africa through the acquisition of Mobisol, a pioneer in off-grid solar solutions. Mobisol has installed more than 150,000 solar home systems, providing clean and reliable energy to over 750,000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa. Thanks to the acquisition of Mobisol, ENGIE is now providing solar home systems in a further three countries in addition to the six in which the Group is already present through its solar home system subsidiary, Fenix International.
DISTRICT HEATING & COOLINGENGIE operates 320 heating and cooling networks worldwide, meeting heating and air-conditioning needs in the public and private sectors while preserving the environment. The Canada Plant uses the natural freshness of a local resource – the Seine – to cool production machines and evacuate the heat from customers’ homes, with a regulatory constraint of around 5°C compared with the temperature of pumped water. In the winter, when the temperature of the water in the Seine is 4°C or lower, the "free-cooling" production mode uses the freshness of the river to cool the network's water directly. Lower stresses are therefore placed on the production machines, reducing the amount of energy they consume and their COemissions.

ENGIE solutions competing for the Solar Impulse Foundation


solar impulse


Boxx is for tracking and having the means to interact with one's utilities consumption at one’s fingertips, anywhere in the world. This touchscreen and mobile app together make a powerful tool for tracking electricity, natural gas and water consumption in real time. Users receive alerts and can take advantage of proactive, customisable and actionable services giving them control their consumption at all times, together with a smart thermostat for keeping their home comfortable and efficient.


Mobile battery: Modular, flexible and patented battery solution. This battery fits into a container that can be moved around to meet temporary energy needs – for an event, during peak electricity consumption times or at a construction site.


PEPS : The growing share of renewable energies in the power mix has created a need for small energy storage units – either to balance production relative to demand, or to ensure the grid's stability. To this end, Tractebel ENGIE has developed an innovative electricity mini-storage concept that involves pumped storage – PEPS –, installed in mines and quarries, linked up to a renewable energy production facility, connected up to users on site and to the power grid. PEPS is a modular concept integrating standardised equipment that is reproducible and easy to install and activate. It is managed and monitored by a control centre as part of an innovative 4.0 operation and maintenance approach. It modular nature and standardisation sets PEPS apart from conventional pumped storage facilities, making it more competitive.


GAYA : A so-called next-generation innovative, competitive and sustainable solution for producing green gas: a form of biomethane produced by the pyrogasification of renewable resources that can be completely substituted for natural gas and distributed across existing networks or used directly as fuel for mobility solutions. Gaya helps take up the challenges of the energy transition and the circular economy with the potential to recycle various types of solid renewable organic waste, or waste that cannot otherwise be used (lignocellulose biomass, scrap wood, waste-based fuel, plastics, etc.) into non-intermittent, clean energy. Pyrogasification is a high-potential technology that will help France meet its target of having 100% green gas, as well as more generally increasing the use of green gases throughout the world. 

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