ENGIE is ramping up its support for young people

By ENGIE - 27 October 2020 - 15:11

The under-25s are currently in the front line when it comes to the impacts of the health crisis. Already actively involved in the educational support and professional integration of young people, ENGIE is now mobilising to help them at all the crucial stages, from training through to their first steps in the workplace. Explanations...



This autumn, no fewer than 750,000 young people under the age of 25 will attempt to join the workplace in France. And worldwide? The International Labour Organisation estimates that some 178 million young workers are directly threatened by the economic impacts of the
Covid-19 pandemic.


In line with our raison d'être, ensuring the long-term sustainability of all our actions, for the benefit of future generations, we were already actively helping young people on a daily basis long before the health crisis hit. “A Group that looks to the future is necessarily interested in young people”, states Olivier Hérout, the Group’s interim HR Director. “Thanks to its educational pathway towards employment, ENGIE is involved in providing careers guidance to young people from secondary school onwards, raising their awareness of the energy professions and welcoming them on work discovery placements, then offering internships, work/study programmes and vocational training support, until they fully enter the working world. And this support continues as they start out in their career.”



Training young people for the jobs of the future

This support is being further ramped up at the start of this particularly unique school year. With training, first of all. We know that 70% of the jobs of the future will require skills that do not exist today. So we are taking the lead in training young people for the jobs of tomorrow. For example, the company is opening its very own Academy of Energy and Climate Transition, an Apprentice Training Centre that qualifies young people for the jobs of the future. In the same spirit, ENGIE Benelux opened an ENGIE Academy in October, aimed at making the energy professions accessible to all talented youngsters.



Speeding up the incorporation of young people into the company

With more than 5,000 work/study trainees worldwide, not counting interns and people on international business programmes, ENGIE plays the apprenticeship card to the full. And the Group is accelerating its efforts to develop this professional integration lever, with a target of incorporating 10% work/study trainees in its workforce in France by the end of 2021 and in Europe by 2023. The current legal requirement in French companies is 5%. But ENGIE's ambition goes further still: the Group wants to achieve a 100% graduation rate for our work/study trainees, and to hire 50% of them at the end of their training, particularly in technical professions.



Engie is ramping up its support for young people



Did you know?


ENGIE is ranked 11th favourite company by students with 2/3 years of higher education in 2020, having climbed 9 points in one year in the Universum ranking !


Want to enjoy a fulfilling career at the Group? We have a plan!

Young people are also recruited via several internal networks or integration schemes. One of these - “Spark” - is the first ever 100% renewable energies Graduate Programme. It invites young graduates to discover a thousand and one professions linked to renewable energies through a 24-month programme. Once they have joined the Group, these young people are given the chance to fast-track their career thanks to the ENGIE University, which offers a broad range of training courses enabling them to develop their skills throughout their professional journey.

While joining the job market is still a challenging time for the majority of under-25s, they can nevertheless count on the constant commitment of the ENGIE Group, mobilised to help them learn, integrate the business world and boost their careers, yesterday, today and tomorrow...



Are you under 25? ENGIE would like to meet you!


  • As a partner of the Alliance For YOUth, a Nestlé Group initiative bringing together more than two hundred companies committed to tackling youth unemployment in Europe, we participated in the “Step up your future” (#befutureready) event on Facebook on 27 October.


  • We are also a partner in the “Twenty Five: The next 25 years by the under 25s” event, an initiative of Jam Media and AFK, the Gaîté Lyrique arts centre think tank. Due to be held and livestreamed on 10 November at the Gaîté Lyrique arts centre in Paris, it will give the people who will build tomorrow's world an opportunity to share their vision and aspirations.



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