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By ENGIE - 23 December 2021 - 13:37

Intended for companies and communities, this medium- or long-term contract allows the purchase of renewable energy at a predefined and stable price. What is it? PPA stands for Power Purchase Agreement. Find out everything about it on this page!


How do PPAs work?

All about Power Purchase Agreements: their objectives and advantages!


Definition: what are PPAs?

PPAs are long-term renewable energy contracts. They are increasingly popular with large companies, SMEs and local authorities. Why are they so popular? Because they offer a reliable way to decarbonize their electricity consumption and thus contribute to the energy transition. Find out more


Decoding: the PPA market, trends and assets

The « Power Purchase Agreements », or “PPAs”, first appeared 10 years ago as a tool to support the energy transition and have enabled major companies to make long-term investments to build up their carbon-free roadmaps while securing supplies, at a set price. Rapidly growing and adopted by major companies, PPAs are becoming accessible to (almost) everyone. Let’s hear more from Jérôme Malka, a member of the “Global Energy Management” executive committee, one of ENGIE Group’s global entities, which helps to draft these complex contracts. Keep reading

Green PPAs, indispensable allies in the energy transition

What if the Green PPA model was a way to take the transition to a carbon neutral world to the next level?


Interview: "Green PPAs, a lever for accelerating renewables“

With green Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), we offer local authorities and industrial clients a means of financing infrastructures on the long-term. This allows consumers to supply themselves with green electricity, and renewable energy producers to secure their business model by having their selling rate guaranteed. In 2020, ENGIE signed more than 1.5 GW worth of green energy contracts. Further detailed with three experts and members of our Global Energy Management (Gem) Business Unit Executive Committee: Jérôme Malka, Vincent Verbeke and Alexandre Cosquer. Read the interview

With the PPAs, ENGIE supports its customers in their decarbonisation

ENGIE is committed to Net Zero Carbon by 2045 on all 3 scopes. One of the Group's main commitments? To actively participate in the decarbonisation of its customers. A commitment that is well met by the PPAs.


ENGIE and the PPAs

Our Green PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) give our clients access to renewable energy that is both reliable and certified, while fixing the costs of their energy consumption. The Green Corporate PPA enables our clients to decarbonize their energy consumption while anchoring their costs. Designed for businesses and communities, this medium or long-term contract (from 5 to 20 years) enables the purchase of renewable energy at a predefined and stable price from ENGIE.


Why has Big Tech chosen us?

Amazon, Microsoft and Google are all customers of ENGIE, primarily through CPPAs - long-term renewable energy supply contracts for clients. When it comes to decarbonisation, tech giants are leading the way. Why have they chosen ENGIE? Why are we a preferred partner? Two Group experts explain all!


[Seen in the French press] ENGIE's virtuous solution for protecting from the volatility of electricity prices

While the rise in electricity prices is increasingly worrying local authorities and industrial players, ENGIE Green is now offering all its business customers innovative green electricity production contracts. Already adopted by Amazon and Orange, this solution is attracting other players who want to secure their supplies while actively committing to the energy transition. Continue reading on La Tribune (article in French) 


Orange partners with ENGIE for its renewable energy supply

The Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed between Orange and ENGIE for a period of 15 years will allow the development of two new 51 MWp solar projects in the Hautes-Alpes (05) in the municipalities of L'Epine (38 MWp) and Ribeyret (13 MWp). The commissioning of the two solar parks will start no later than January 1, 2023. Learn more about the partnership


ENGIE and BASF: an extraordinary green PPA with four key advantages

The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed by BASF and ENGIE will step up the leading chemical producer's decarbonisation process. The contract is an exceptional one in terms of duration, volume, and delivery conditions... Here we explain its extraordinary features in four key points. Read the article