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Solar energy: tailored solutions for our customers


By ENGIE - 14 June 2024 - 11:49

According to the International Energy Agency, solar photovoltaics represented three-quarters of installed renewable capacity worldwide in 2023. By 2050, this energy source will account for a quarter of the global energy mix1. ENGIE, devoting over 83% of its growth investment to renewable electric energy and flexibility, aims to reach 80 GW of renewable energy in its mix by 2030. With the upcoming Intersolar Europe exhibition, we focus on solar, which along with batteries, plays a key role in this ambition.


1International Renewables Energy Agency (IRENA).

Developing solar power plants to power national energy mixes: an industrial approach addressing local challenges

Of the almost 4 GW of renewable production capacity installed by ENGIE in 2023, 40% was solar. Present on every continent, the Group has developed photovoltaic solar power plants even in challenging climatic conditions, such as the Coya site in the Atacama Desert, Chile, capable of powering up to 73,000 homes. These solar power plants have the potential to be paired with storage batteries to enhance their flexibility. ENGIE stands out for its ability to implement projects by leveraging its industrial expertise while strictly adhering to health and safety regulations and providing solutions tailored to the specifics of each project location.


Delphine Chérel-Sparham, Chief Projects and Procurement Officer Renewables

Operational excellence is the DNA of our renewable projects. Mastering solar technology is complex. By capitalizing on our experience worldwide in many different configurations, we have developed a framework of best practices and processes that allow us to manage challenges effectively, ensuring the safety of people, the environment, and installations.

The Bernard Creek Solar Park in Texas: A record-breaking site

This 558-hectare site, with a capacity of 230 MW, was installed in just 5 months and 2 weeks. The project was completed in record-breaking time, 100 days ahead of schedule, thanks to the exemplary efforts of ENGIE’s team and partners.

On-site solar to decarbonize industrial sites

On-site solar is rapidly accelerating worldwide. In 2022, 108 GW of on-site solar capacity was installed, marking a 27% increase in total capacity2.
With its wide-ranging energy expertise, ENGIE offers customers an integrated energy system where photovoltaics are complemented by other technologies such as storage batteries, EV charging stations, local wind turbines, and more. This approach helps decarbonize their operations, optimize costs, and reduce energy dependency.

Discover how the Belgian company Luik Natie, a specialist in services and logistics, became the first carbon-neutral entity at the Port of Antwerp (the world’s 11th largest seaport).

2 See World Energy Outlook, International Energy Agency