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ENGIE Lab CRIGEN, part of the ENGIE Labs network, is ENGIE Group’s corporate center for R&D and high-level expertise devoted to new energy resources (hydrogen, biogas and gas liquefaction), new energy uses in towns and cities, the buildings and industries of tomorrow and emerging technologies (computer sciences and Al, drones and robots, nanotechnologies and sensors).

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ENGIE Lab CRIGEN conducts operational R&D projects and develops pilots on behalf of the New Corp, Metiers and Key Programs, Business Units (BUs) and external customers, with the goal of mastering tomorrow's technologies, bringing them to maturity, and preparing the energy transition.

Its activities are also strongly focused on the implementation of innovative offers and solutions to improve the BUs' operational performance and to build new revenue streams.


ENGIE Lab CRIGEN in a Nutshell…


ENGIE Lab CRIGEN creates value through:


  • Innovative low-carbon solutions for ENGIE's customers,
  • Innovative solutions for improving the operational excellence of industrial assets.


ENGIE Lab CRIGEN's Main Focus Areas


Green Gases


  • Biogas & Biomass Lab
  • Hydrogen Lab
  • Liquefaction Lab


New uses of Energy


  • Future Building & City Lab
  • Future Industry Lab
  • Environment & Society Lab
  • Green Mobility Lab


Digital and Enabling Technologies


  • Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab
  • Nanotechnologies & Sensors Lab
  • Drones & Robots Lab


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