ENGIE, the official partner of kitesurfing in France with the FFVoile in 2021

By ENGIE - 17 December 2020 - 09:02

The values of kiteboarding, a booming sport that harnesses wind power, are in line with those of ENGIE regarding the development of low-carbon energy. ENGIE has been supporting French kiteboarding since 2008, mainly through two events: the ENGIE Kite Tour, a circuit composed of 5 stages taking place between March and October, and the French Kitefoil Championships. A proof of this expansion: kitesurfing will be an olympic discipline for the first time in 2024.


Since 2018, the Group has worked alongside the French Sailing Federation to organise the ENGIE Kite Tour, the main Speed Crossing circuit in France. Created by the French Free Flight Federation in 2004, this circuit has become THE event for French kiteboarding amateurs and professionals and is a key competition promoting kiteboarding as a sport for everyone, all along France’s coastline.

Despite the health crisis, the 2020 ENGIE Kite Tour was a great success with over 320 participants (vs 230 in 2019) across the four stages. These fun and friendly, mixed-sex events unite kiteboarding fans of all levels, ages and backgrounds on the same start line.


In 2021, for the thirteenth year running, the Group will be the official sponsor of the race circuit, which will comprise five stages for the first time ever: 

  • Arcachon: 19-21 March 2021
  • La Manche: 4-6 June 2021
  • Lorient - Gâvres: 18-20 June 2021
  • La Grande Motte: 24-26 September 2021
  • Marseille: 8-10 October 2021

Finally, ENGIE will also be partnering the French Foil Championships (Open and youth) for 4th consecutive year. It will take place in Narbonne at the end of August.

Kitesurf is undeniably booming and mixed relay will be present for the first time at the Paris Olympic Games in 2024.

And finally, for the fourth year running, ENGIE will be sponsoring the French Kitefoil, Windfoil and Freestyle Kite Championships, demonstrating the Group’s support for this booming discipline, which is set to become an official Olympic sport in time for the Paris Games in 2024.


“Twelve years ago, we took a crazy gamble on developing kiteboarding when we launched a multi-stage competition in France. This sport, which combines water and wind power, is in line with ENGIE’s values regarding the development of green energy sources, particularly wind power, in which we lead the way in France. The partnership is the perfect demonstration of our corporate purpose to take action for more sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions through a carbon-neutral energy transition. In 2021, we will take great pleasure in bringing together professional and amateur kiteboarding enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds around a shared passion and common values. And the number of participants keeps on growing! Once again, we will continue to develop the discipline, which may well be receiving a ticket to the 2024 Olympics in the next few months.”
Valérie Alain, ENGIE’s Director of Institutional Relations France & Regions


“The first time I took part in the ENGIE Kite Tour was in 2013, when I was 14 and competing on a surfboard. Now that I am 22, I still love taking part but now on my foil! One thing is for sure – if top French Kitefoil athletes are such champions today, it is mainly thanks to French competitions like the ENGIE Kite Tour. It helped us progress from the sport’s very beginnings and we continue to get better by taking part in the tour. For the French team, it’s an unmissable event, particularly in preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games. It’s a bit like a French laboratory, where we can compare with each other and prepare our material for major competitions. I also really appreciate the friendly atmosphere during the tour, it’s an opportunity to share special moments with friends, no matter what type of board you use! I can’t wait to get started on the next season and slip on my competition wetsuit in that great atmosphere. You can count on me being there for the 2021 tour!”
Axel Mazella, ENGIE ambassador and reigning Kitefoil champion