ENGIE x Solar Impulse Foundation: concrete solutions

By ENGIE - 13 April 2021 - 15:34

ENGIE is committed to immediately and practically implementing the clean, efficient and profitable solutions certified by the Solar Impulse Foundation


It’s done. The Solar Impulse Foundation has identified the 1000 clean, profitable and efficient solutions it was looking for, and certified them with its label. That’s good news! But the regions, countries and industries that are working to achieve their climate goals now need support to apply these solutions. So they will now be presented to decision-makers to encourage them to adopt these tools to fight global warming and commit to more ambitious energy policies and environmental targets. 

A meaningful partnership

Since 2017, ENGIE has been putting its expertise to good use by helping the Solar Impulse Foundation to identify these 1000 solutions. 10 ENGIE employees volunteered to take part and have assessed more than 300 solutions since the partnership began. 

ENGIE and the Foundation have a shared vision: achieving economic performance while making a positive impact on people and the planet. Their common goal is to step up the development of clean solutions while reconciling environmental protection with profitability. These solutions offer a practical way to reduce CO2 emissions, help achieve climate targets and provide a simplified road map for regions and industry. 

20 concrete solutions to consume less and better  

We don’t take this commitment lightly at ENGIE! 20 of ENGIE’s efficient, profitable, low-carbon solutions have already received the Foundation’s label. The Group places the energy transition at the heart of its strategy and sees these solutions as practical ways of acting to protect the environment and achieve carbon neutrality. The label will give wider recognition to these efficient yet little-known solutions, and encourage regions and industry to implement them, to facilitate the energy transition.  


These solutions illustrate two of the Group’s strategic directions: developing renewables and energy efficiency. The goal is to give wider access to green energy, allowing everyone to consume less but above all to consume better. 


Focus on 4 certified solutions  

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Concrete solutions that contribute to the European recovery plan 

Committing to the Solar Impulse Foundation also means contributing to the European green recovery plan by lobbying for European and French post-pandemic recovery investments to be allocated to promising and technologically innovative sectors that also respect the environment. 

This commitment was renewed in an opinion article on 13 April 2021 co-signed by 14 leaders of Solar Impulse Foundation partner companies, including ENGIE’s CEO Catherine MacGregor. 


“The Solar Impulse Foundation's certification of 20 ENGIE solutions proves it: we are accelerating the energy transition. At a time when all the recovery plans are focusing on green energy, ENGIE is at the forefront with innovations that cover the entire energy value chain, throughout the world. I would like to thank all the talents involved in this project and salute their commitment to our purpose.”
Catherine MacGregor, CEO, ENGIE