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ENGIE at Viva Technology 2017

The international laboratory for digital technologies and innovation that is Viva Technology opens its doors in Paris for the second consecutive year from June 15 to 17. Once again, the Group is showcasing some 30 startups in its "Energy revolution Lab", and is reaching out to innovative thinkers to help it build the world of tomorrow. ...

To coincide with ENGIE Innovation Week, the Group will be there at the second Viva Technology show in Paris, with an "Energy Revolution Lab" space showcasing startups engaged in the energy and digital revolution.

Last year, 45,000 visitors, 5,000 startups and 300 conferences marked the first Paris-based event dedicated to innovation: the three-day Viva Technology show. Building on this success, a second event is now scheduled for this summer at the Versailles Exhibition Center to overlap with ENGIE Innovation Week, which this year runs from June 12 to 16.

50,000 visitors are expected to attend this year's event, which is structured around the technologies that will shape tomorrow's world, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, in a context where the constant focus is on bringing startups face-to-face with leading corporates. To encourage more public involvement, there will also be drone wars and robot demonstrations to maintain consistency with the style of last year's event.

ENGIE conferences at Viva Technology

  • Pioneering the Future - Isabelle Kocher (CEO of ENGIE) and Bertrand Piccard (Solar Impulse) - Thursday June 15, 2017, 11:50 am - 12:20 pm
  • The Energy Revolution: a Cloud Story - Thierry Lepercq (Research & Technologies) – Friday June 16, 2017, 11:30 am
  • Smart Cities with Olivier Biancarelli, Petar Mirovic (EnGo Planet) and Dénes Honus (Green City Solutions) – Friday June 16, 2017 at 2:30 pm

The ENGIE Energy Lab themes

Visit the ENGIE "Energy revolution Lab" to meet the startups that are designing the future of energy, and experience their solutions for cities, smart buildings, mobility, hydrogen, renewables... and more.

Hydrogen challenge

Hydrogen Challenge

As the recent call for projects won by the Group clearly demonstrates, hydrogen is becoming an increasingly sought-after future source of energy to replace fossil fuels and combat global warming. ENGIE is currently looking for innovative solutions designed to extend the use of this green energy source for applications in mobility, standalone power generation and power-to-gas.

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Visit the ENGIE Energy revolution Lab to meet these startups:

Sylfen / HysiLabs / Symbio / Pragma

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Energy community challenge

Energy Community Challenge

In 2017, thanks to a multitude of microgeneration technologies (wind, solar, biomass, etc.) combined with storage and data analysis solutions, private individuals can now be both energy consumers and energy generators. ENGIE is seeking innovative solutions that will ensure the long-term future of this decentralized infrastructure through the use of smart grids.

Visit the ENGIE Energy revolution Lab to meet these startups:

E Lansys / Wenu Work / Elax Développement 

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Smart building challenge

Smart building Challenge

The Internet of things, energy-positive buildings, artificial intelligence, big data... in today's world, buildings are becoming increasingly virtual as they become more effective in reducing or even erasing their environmental footprint. ENGIE is seeking innovative solutions that will provide better management of the data generated by buildings in order to boost their energy efficiency.

Visit the ENGIE Energy revolution Lab to meet these startups:

Panga / Teeptrak / Le bouton connecté / Idealys / Stereograph / Connit / Openergy / Dhatim / Ubiant / Aria Technologies / Voltaware

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Decentralized energy challenge

Decentralized Energy Challenge

As a leader in the energy transition, ENGIE is looking for innovative solutions for the development of local-level renewable energy generating units that achieve a better level of integration between this decentralized power generation infrastructure and the power grid, and facilitate the optimization of decentralized generating plants.

Visit the ENGIE Energy revolution Lab to meet these startups:

O'sol / Qarnot Computing / KiteMill / Prodeval / Solaire Box / Mini Green Power / ADVTech / Quantom / Solen / Convergelux

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Green mobility challenge

Green Mobility Challenge

Better cities today also means designing new, greener transportation options to provide citizens with cleaner air to breathe, and ease urban traffic flows. ENGIE is seeking low-carbon, alternative, electric or digital personal and collective mobility solutions that encourage the use of bio-VNG, LNG and/or hydrogen as new fuels, car sharing, driverless shuttle buses and large-scale electric vehicle recharging stations.

Visit the ENGIE Energy revolution Lab to meet these startups:

Badjoto / Mober / Drivoon

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Grid scale storage challenge

Grid Scale Storage Challenge

Energy storage technologies are key to the introduction of decentralized, low-carbon, digitalized 'full-3D' energy. Recent progress has made storage batteries more economically feasible, as well as more technically reliable. ENGIE is currently looking for innovative solutions that offer the opportunity to improve existing storage systems, and new energy storage models accompanied by effective management systems to optimize their costs over the short and medium terms.

Visit the ENGIE Energy revolution Lab to meet these startups:

Enairys Powertech / Stepsol / Airthium

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Other areas of innovation

Areas of innovation

ENGIE is involved in all types of collaboration with innovators, startups and project promoters in its commitment to developing innovative products and services for its customers (local authorities, industrial, commercial and service-sector companies, and domestic energy users).

Visit the ENGIE Energy revolution Lab to meet these startups:

Cozy Air / Sonora Labs / Expert téléportation / Time tonic / DC Brain / Apix Analytics / Partnering Robotics / Leet Design / Backlight

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