Fact Sheet

The fact sheet, a veritable ID card of your shares, contains a lot of information. Here’s what it all means.


The dividend is the portion of the Group’s net profit that is distributed to the shareholders. How is it paid? Who determines its amount? What is the payment date? The Shareholder Guide gives you answers.

Shareholders’ Meeting

What is a Shareholders’ Meeting for? Who attends? Why? What are its rules? Get all the answers on the objectives and operating methods of a Shareholders’ Meeting.

Securities Holding

Registered securities, bearer securities … Full information on the various methods of holding GDF SUEZ securities.

Taxation of Shares

Do you want to understand the taxes on dividends and capital gains? The Shareholder Guide describes the tax provisions applicable to shares.

GDF SUEZ merger

This information is addressed to holders of former SUEZ shares not exchanged in the Merger operation between Gaz de France and SUEZ of July 22, 2008.