Registered shareholders

From 9 am on Friday April 15 2016 until 3 pm on Monday May 2 (Paris time):

Log in to sharinbox.societegenerale.com,, the dedicated management website for your registered shares, by entering your usual access code and password.

  • access code: this code is shown at the top of your statements and as Item 5 in the ‘space reserved’ area of the your postal and proxy voting form (box 5)
  • password: this was sent to you when you began your relationship with Société Générale Securities Services. If you have lost or forgotten this password, please visit the website homepage and click on ‘Get your codes’. They will then be e-mailed to you immediately.

Then click on the Meeting name in the ‘Current transactions’ section of the homepage, select the transaction, follow the instructions and click on ‘Vote’ to go to the voting website.

Bearer shareholders

From 9 am on Friday April 15 until 3 pm on Monday May 2 (Paris time):

Log in to the website of the financial intermediary responsible for managing your shares using your usual access codes. Click on the icon displayed on the line corresponding to your ENGIE shares and cast your vote.

Please note: you may only vote if your bank is a member of the VOTACCESS scheme
N.B.: Once you have voted online, you are no longer eligible to attend the Shareholders’ Meeting

The Shareholders’ Meeting will be broadcast live and available to watch later.