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Optimising data center energy consumption for “greener” digital technology


With these centers playing a central role in the digital transition, data center energy consumption is firmly in the spotlight. ENGIE makes a commitment for its customers, harnessing its expertise for the benefit of carbon neutrality in these centers. 

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Data center energy consumption: a global challenge

Particularly energy-intensive, the data center industry accounts for around 4% of global electricity consumption (1) and 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions (2). Every year, IT infrastructure operators need to adapt to the steady and constant growth in digital consumption. There is a continuous need to develop more data storage and management capacity. The volume of stored data in 2025 is expected to be 5.3 times more than in 2018 (3)

To keep pace with this digital growth, the major digital operators have been undertaking ambitious actions for several years aimed at achieving carbon neutrality. The main focus has been on the use of renewable energies, but also the design of more energy-efficient infrastructures and better maintenance. The data center industry is making rapid progress in this transition towards carbon neutrality.


ENGIE involved in 500,000 m² of data centers and data center cooling rooms

The data center sector is governed by the implementation and monitoring of appropriate industrial processes aimed at operating highly critical and resilient facilities with an availability rate of over 99.99%.

Around the globe, our 1,200 employees are working to ensure the continuity of service of these critical sites that need to operate constantly wherever they are in the world. Some data centers are even classified as “Operators of Vital Importance” (OVIs), in the same way as hospitals, for example. We also ensure continuity of energy supply.
Our Group covers the entire value chain: programming, design, engineering and construction, operations and maintenance, innovative and renewable energy solutions (Green PPA, on site generation, etc.). We also offer financing solutions as part of integrated offers with performance commitments, covering all of these services.

ENGIE's data centers in figures

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Our solutions to optimise data center performance and energy consumption

Our expertise and solutions contribute to the performance of digital infrastructures as part of a carbon-neutral trajectory and provide cutting-edge responses to ever-increasing requirements in terms of:
    •    Data security
    •    Facility availability
    •    Capacity and stability of the infrastructure hosting the IT equipment
    •    Operational performance of systems
    •    Local integration of the data center (local energy supply, reuse of fatal heat in the vicinity of the data center, renovation of existing buildings, etc.) 
    •    Energy and environmental performance, towards carbon neutrality.

ENGIE contributes to the performance of digital infrastructures as part of a carbon-neutral trajectory

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Local or national network supply of renewable energy, reuse of fatal heat, energy performance of buildings, etc. All ENGIE's expertise harnessed for the benefit of carbon neutrality. We support major global Cloud players, as well as specialists in the Data Center industry (Co-location / Hosting), telecoms operators and financial institutions for whom data management is critical.

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