Policies and procedures


The vigilance plan


You will find on this page the elements relating to ENGIE SA’s vigilance plan and its implementation, taken in accordance with the French law on the duty of vigilance of parent companies and ordering companies.

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Control system


The monitoring of the implementation of the Group’s Ethics, Compliance & Privacy policies is based on an annual compliance procedure and a dashboard of some 15 indicators (including the distribution of ethics documentation, training, implementation of ethics policies, etc.).

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ENGIE Whistleblowing System

ENGIE has put in place a whistleblowing System that is open to all employees and stakeholders (suppliers, sub-contractors, unions, NGOs, etc.).This System supplements existing channels and strengthens the Group's Ethics and Compliance efforts.

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The Group's integrity approach: fight against fraud and corruption

The principle of integrity is one of the five fundamental principles on which ENGIE founds its ethics and compliance policy. This policy is implemented through all of ENGIE's procedures dedicated to the prevention of and fight against fraud, corruption and influence peddling. More broadly, the Group's integrity approach is reflected in the observance by everyone of the principle “behaving honestly and promoting a culture of integrity”.

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The Group's human rights approach

Respect for others is one of the 4 principles that are the foundation of ENGIE's ethics and compliance policies. The human rights referential provides a framework for implementing our principle of “respect others” and brings together all of ENGIE’s commitments in the area of human rights.

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Ethical compliance system

The ethical compliance system provides a framework for implementing the principle of “acting in accordance with laws and regulations”. It outlines how the Group is organized to help implement all of the Group’s ethics procedures and tools for monitoring compliance.

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ENGIE S.A. Declaration on modern slavery

ENGIE's human rights commitments are based on the best international standards and on the national laws that apply to its activities, such as the French vigilance law and the British law on modern slavery.

ENGIE shares the goals of the British law on modern slavery, and has put various measures into place to ensure that its operations and those of its supply chain do not involve modern slavery (including: slavery, forced work, and human trafficking).

Read ENGIE S.A.'s Declaration on modern slavery for fiscal year 2022