Principles and actions

In line with its values and commitments, ENGIE seeks to act in all circumstances in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the countries where it operates.

To protect its values and commitments, the Group has implemented an ethics Policy that underpins everyday strategic decisions, management, and professional practices for all Group Employees.
The same goes for privacy and personal data protection, important concerns for which the Group has adopted a Policy and a strategic voluntary plan for ensuring data processing compliance.
Compliance includes all of the procedures and policies we have put into place to protect and promote our principles.

our principles, our commitments

Our values, requirements, and ethical ambitions

For us, ethics are an essential part of our strategy, management style, and individual professional practices. Ethics help to drive performance.

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Group Codes of Conduct

The Group has developed various Codes of Conduct in order to apply the commitments outlined in ENGIE’s Ethics code of conduct to each of its activities and professional practices.  

Our Standards and Memberships

ENGIE's ethics and compliance ambitions and requirements are based on the highest international standards.

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Commitments towards the European Commission


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