FACT 10 - ENGIE’s apprentice training centre: an academy to learn the jobs of the future today

By ENGIE - 12 July 2022 - 10:26

Controlling the wind, waves and tides, getting vehicles to fly using hydrogen, heating buildings using sunlight... reality or fiction? We can learn to get the most out of renewable energies and build a carbon-neutral future. This is why ENGIE has founded its own apprentice training centre: the Energy Transition Academy, a training institution that prepares young people for the future jobs of the energy transition.


Two years to learn the jobs of the future

The Energy Transition Academy prepares apprentices aged 16 to 29 and adults seeking a change of career for qualifications such as the professional baccalaureate, BTS and degree. 
It dispenses two-year programmes, developed in close collaboration with apprentice training centres and/or technical colleges to train future specialists in fields such as heating and cooling networks, energy efficiency solutions and renewable energies. The following professions in particular are concerned: heating and HVAC (heating-ventilation-air conditioning) technicians, refrigeration experts and renewable energy specialists.

Find out more about the profession of HVAC maintenance technician. See more videos on other professions, including Heating technician and Refrigeration technician.


In addition to the technical expertise required, the training course also includes digital modules on the energy transition, customer relations, health & safety, and ethics. The goal of these programmes is to train specialists who are also accomplished professionals. 


Tomorrow’s experts trained by the best

To achieve this goal, what could be better than working with experts in their fields every day? In parallel to their theoretical training, apprentices gain practical experience in the field, alongside qualified, committed professionals from ENGIE. Support is a priority, so they are also assigned to a tutor, who will work with them and provide advice. 
Work-study programmes are an ideal way of getting through the doors of a company, building a network or ensuring a successful career change.
ENGIE proposes a unique eco-system of experts for all our professions. The community of technical ambassadors also enables discussions and discovery of the diversity of the technical professions within the Group and career opportunities.


Work-study programme + job of the future = paving the way to employment

Acceleration of the Group’s strategy towards a carbon-neutral world requires specific recruitment efforts. ENGIE aims to have a workforce comprising 10% apprentices in France by the end of 2023, with a hiring rate (permanent contracts) of 50% in the technical professions.
Join the movement via the apprentice training centre. It offers an opportunity to join the Group and to benefit from cutting edge education methods to learn a new profession and be sure of getting a permanent job. The skills developed during these training programmes will be essential in tomorrow’s world... and ENGIE is committed to developing them today.
The Group is looking for motivated and committed apprentices, who want to have a practical, lasting impact, and who want to learn a job that corresponds to their convictions.
ENGIE is particularly attentive to the variety of profiles in its class groups. Objective: to encourage diversity in all areas (social, origin and background). How? By placing potential above competences that can be acquired by training. “[This] also illustrates ENGIE’s CSR commitments, because we are playing the inclusion card by incorporating young people, people looking to change careers, people with disabilities and by increasing the proportion of women in our professions,” explained Séverine Le Mière, Director of the apprentice training centre.
A programme at the apprentice training centre is not only a chance to prepare for a career, but also to develop a valuable professional attitude. And these technical and interpersonal skills are just the beginning. Throughout their careers with ENGIE, young graduates and experienced employees are encouraged to take more training courses and continue to challenge themselves. Professional training is one of ENGIE’s core values, and enables all professionals to maintain their expertise, to maximise their employability, and simply to evolve professionally.
In short, the Energy Transition Academy represents: training for a qualification, expertise in a profession of the future, a network and, quite possibly... a job.
To find out more about the programme, recruitment periods or for any questions, consult our apprentice training centre page.