• The energy transition : key points

    Ambitious goals: to create a more energy efficient society that is less dependent on nuclear energy and fossil fuels. Current debates must define the conditions to achieve this transition in a way that is most ecologically relevant, economically efficient and socially just.

  • GDF SUEZ envisions the city of tomorrow

    The economics of buildings, the free flow of networks… GDF SUEZ uses its specialist expertise to consider major urban projects at the earliest-possible stage and to provide practical support for city authorities.

Sustainable energy for all

As part of its industrial activities, GDF SUEZ wishes to promote sustainable energy for all and combat energy privation.

Research and Innovation

GDF SUEZ’ success relies mainly on its ability to innovate. Improving the safety and productivity of industrial processes, reducing the environmental impact of human activities, finding innovative solutions for preserving the planet’s resources – these are GDF SUEZ’s ambitious research and innovation goals.

Positive Energy Territories

The Positive Energy Territory concept has its basis in the growing trend amongst local authorities to promote energy self-sufficiency within their areas.