ENGIE reaches the PPA podium in 2021!

By ENGIE - 10 February 2022 - 15:38

2021 was a boom year for ENGIE in the Power Purchase Agreement market. These sophisticated contracts lifted us to second place on the podium for business sales of green energy.


Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), the long-term renewable energy contracts that are attracting increasing numbers of major companies seeking to decarbonise, are growing fast. Why? They are a reliable way of decarbonising electricity consumption. Offering this tool to implement the energy transition on behalf of our customers is a priority for the Group.


ENGIE, in second place on the PPA podium

And we have claimed silver! BloombergNEF has awarded us second place in the world in its most recent PPA review for 2021, with PPAs signed for more than 2.1 GW, including partnerships with Microsoft, Orange and Google. As we leave our challengers behind (SunChasePower, Orsted, Lightsource, Vattenfall etc.), we are continuing our efforts to overtake the leader, the American company AES, and provide the best support to our customers in their low-carbon transition.  


The tech giants, the biggest PPA customers

Amazon, Microsoft, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) and Google are among the top 10 global buyers of renewable electricity via PPAs. These leading tech companies have been pioneers in adopting these contracts to decarbonise their growing energy needs, particularly for their data centres. The listing also includes several industrial giants, such as our customer BASF, Nestlé and TotalEnergies on the energy supply side. While the study reflects the increasing emergence of these contracts among global leaders, the trend is also moving towards the democratisation of PPAs for SMEs and local authorities. 


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About the BloombergNEF survey

BloombergNEF specialises in covering the global market for raw materials and disruptive technologies leading the transition towards a low-carbon economy. To conduct this PPA study, BloombergNEF surveyed contracts with over 137 companies in 32 countries. The goal was to highlight trends in the green energy market, the biggest buyers and sellers, the geographical zones where buyers operate (with North America in the lead, propelled by the big tech sector) etc. The study is based solely on public data, and excludes the minority of onsite PPAs. Find out more