Our policies, procedures, and codes of conduct

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Group integrity referential and policies

Integrity is one of the four principles on which ENGIE has based its ethics and compliance policy. The integrity referential provides a framework for “behaving honestly and promoting a culture of integrity”.

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Our human rights commitments

Respect for others is one of the 4 principles that are the foundation of ENGIE's ethics and compliance policies. The human rights referential provides a framework for implementing our principle of “respect others” and brings together all of ENGIE’s commitments in the area of human rights.

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Ethical compliance referential

The ethical compliance referential provides a framework for implementing the principle of “acting in accordance with laws and regulations”. It outlines how the Group is organized to help implement all of the Group’s ethics procedures and tools for monitoring compliance.

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Codes of conduct

Essential for sharing and enforcing our ethical principles, the Codes of conduct, apply to our stakeholders, whether they be suppliers, service providers, sub-contractors, business partners, etc.

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